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Thank you for your interest in our 2024 Farm Delivery Program!

Below is some information regarding the program and our service.

Our Produce Delivery Program:
Our delivery program has a seasonal membership fee of $45. You pay this membership fee upfront, and then throughout the season there are no additional delivery fees. Starting in the first week of June and going through the end November, you have the opportunity to place a weekly delivery order. And the best part is that you order exactly
what you would like! The only requirement that we ask is that all orders (weekly total) are a minimum of $15. And if you are unable to order or just don’t need any produce for a week, no worries! There are no requirements to order every week.

How to Participate:
If you wish to join and become a member, please scroll to the bottom to make an account. Once you have an account, you can register for the program by:
1. Confirm you are logged in
2. Go to the Products tab
3. Click purchase ‘2024 Membership’ and complete your transaction
4. And that’s it! We will reach out to you as we approach the season with pertinent information and your delivery day.

Quick Overview of how it works:
Before the season begins, we will assign delivery days (Tue-Fri) to each customer and that will be your day for the season. Simple! If the day really doesn’t work for you, we may be able to adjust but as we have delivery constraints, this is done on a case-by-case basis.

Each delivery day has a specific ordering window. It opens two days after your delivery day (Tuesday delivery window opens Thursday) and closes two days prior. This gives you a 4-day window to order. You may order once or as many times in this window, but we askthat the total reaches a minimum of $15. On the days your window is closed, you will not have access to any additional products. This lead time gives us the opportunity to determine what fruits and veggies will be available for the following week and a couple days to harvest and pack your delivery! Most items are harvested just a day or two prior to your delivery day!

After all of that, we load our vans up in the morning with boxes of delicious, fresh produce and our fantastic crew of drivers will deliver it to your front door each week. The bounty of our harvest delivered straight to your home all season long!

Referral Program:
As always, we greatly rely on word of mouth to grow our business. We truly appreciate everyone's support, and we wish to give credit where credit is due. If you refer friends/neighbors, you will receive a $10 credit! This credit is to be applied during the season. We will send out a survey early in the season to collect referrals. Please keep in mind, we are working on expanding, but have limits on our delivery zone;
referrals must be in our delivery zones.

Thank you for your interest in our delivery program, and supporting
our family and farm.

Availability Of Products

For a general overview of produce availability, please reference our chart below. This does not include everything, but it does give a decent overview of what we have to offer. We also have some non-produce items such as Zingerman's baked goods, beef, chicken, various jarred items, syrup, and honey.

**Please keep in mind, we are a small family farm. Weather, pests, and various other reasons may cause crop failure or have reduced yields. We strive to do our best to ensure crops, however Mother Nature is ultimately in control.
Farm Delivery Flyer
*Months are split into half month intervals


Business/Institution/Large Group Drop-offs

We are inviting those who work at or are affiliated with large businesses and institutions to help us share the benefits of fresh local produce. Or if you are an institution that has outside funding (grant or otherwise) to provide fresh produce to families, students, children, volunteers, employees, etc.
Based on location and number of memberships we can offer discounted registration fees and flexibility on your delivery. We can offer personal ordering services, exactly like the residential delivery program, or we can do large quantities of identical produce boxes to

Large group drop-offs need to be discussed before approval. All logistics need to be determined and finalized before we accept registration.
If this sounds like something your organization would be interested in, please reach out to us at

Membership Registration

This map is our projected delivery zone. If you live within or near the boundaries we WILL be able to service you for the 2024 season. If you live outside of the gray shape we may be able to service your area depending on how many people express interest and how far outside the zone they are.
Always feel free to contact us at about questions about your locations or anything else!
Please zoom in on the map if needed. Or please Click here to view this on Google Maps. This is an estimate for our delivery zone for 2024.
2023 Delivery Zone map